I visited Shaun this summer. I had been suffering with pain in my feet for nearly 2 years. I had also developed pain in my knees. I do have existing lower limb injuries and put my pain down to the deterioration of said injuries. Shaun noticed my walking gait was impaired and unbalanced just from the sound of my footfall. On investigation which took Shaun less than a minute he identified the root cause of the pain, which had not been picked up by a previous hospital scan and subsequent physio therapy treatment. I was correct in my assumption that my existing injuries were the root cause of the pain, but not what I had expected. Shaun diagnosed that my feet had moved significantly out of their neutral position and my right foot had a damaged muscle. He immediately taped my foot into its natural position . Four days later I was pain free and it felt marvellous. On my follow up visit I was fitted with orthotics and given full advise on their use and long term advise for Their use and replacement. Shaun really is top of his field and a super fellow. He’s understanding, non judgemental and honest. He was genuinely thrilled that I was so free of the debilitating pain and that my knees had also improved. I cannot recommend him as a podiatrist and all round nice chap highly enough. Thank you Shaun.

9th October 2019