Since 1996 I had a verruca, I lost count of how many times I had so many treatments over the years and absolutely nothing moved it.

I had cryo multiple times, hospital, 4 different chiropodists and my GP said he didn’t know why I put myself through cryo as its there to stay. I also spent a lot of money on the cryo boxes you can buy over the shelf.

However, having a booking for reflexology, the wonderful lady took a photo and sent it to Sean. After 18 months, I am now CLEAR. It was worth the time and money as I had Swift treatment (microwave) topped up with conventional.

I am SO grateful to Sean, for his calm, helpful and great experience otherwise I would always have had it (them – they grew of course). It was a mosaic type of virus.

I would encourage anyone to have this treatment, it works!

31st October 2019