As a keen runner, cyclist and, more recently; triathlete,the health of my feet has always been paramount, since running a marathon last October and developing metatarsalgia in the months that followed unfortunately pain-free running was fast becoming somewhat a distant memory. Sean was recommended to me by the Lincolnshire Runner, after trying a few different forms of therapy and seemingly every insole on the market I was sceptical that I would ever be able to run without discomfort ever again, but was up for one final attempt. Sean instantly struck me as a professional who had a genuine concern for my feet and gave me every ounce of confidence that he could provide a solution for me. After 2 appointments and a pair of specially made orthotics for a price that was very friendly on the bank balance Sean has ended my 10 months of pain and I am looking forward to ending the triathlon season with every confidence that my feet won’t let me down! A huge thank you.

2nd August 2017