Sean was most kind to look at my feet before and after the Marathon des Sables, a 250km ultra across the Sahara Desert. I completed the adventure with minimal foot discomfort thanks to his expert preparation methods and maintenance advice for the race itself.

Additionally, his foot care after the race has been equally exceptional and I look forward to always consulting him in the future.

I can’t recommend Sean highly enough.

07th April 2022
Lily Strange

I have had an ongoing problem for a number of years which has cost me money, time and pain in an effort to put right.

However, just a couple of trips to see Mr O’Mahony and I am at last getting on top of the problem. He is professional at all times, very experienced and pleasant to deal with.

Highly recommended.

8th March 2022
Peter Jackson

I have suffered with terrible in-grown toe nails when I was younger and my daughter began to show signs of similar affliction when she was 7 years old.

I wasn’t sure where to turn however I knew I didn’t want her to experience the pain I went through as a child.

Mr O’Mahony gave expert advice and treatment – and after a second visit 6 weeks later she was much improved.

I would thoroughly recommend taking young children with any podiatry concerns to Mr O’Mahony as he is excellent with children and has a wonderful caring and gentle manner.

My daughter was terribly nervous at first because she was worried the visit would hurt but she left saying ‘that was fun!’

My advice to parents would be to go with any concern for your child’s feet earlier rather than later as he does give the best advise and rest assured he knows his stuff.

29th October 2021
Rebecca Robinson

Absolutely amazing, our 9 year old son had a couple of verrucas and Sean provided a timely resolution to the issue.

He is extremely knowledgeable, very friendly and polite.

He was excellent with our son and I would highly recommend him.

6th September 2021
Alex Hill

Sean provides an excellent service to an extremely high standard whilst maintaining a friendly and approachable manner.

His wealth of knowledge is obvious which leads to efficient and effective treatment.

Highly recommended.

22nd July 2021
Simon Brown

When my children and I found ourselves in need of Mr O’Mahoneys treatment, I booked in and we attended with mild trepidation. My children (age 5 and 9) are extremely shy and my daughter is terrified of even the thought of being in pain. We need not have worried!

Not only is Mr O’Mahoney an excellent podiatrist, he is wonderful with children. His calm, kind and engaging manner really put my children at ease, and now our treatment is complete we will miss our visits to him.

11th June 2021
Ellanna Taylor