Sean is an excellent podiatrist. He is very knowledgeable and talks you through each step of the treatment process answering any questions that you have as well as some that you haven’t thought of. I would highly recommend him, as would my mother.

Mrs Dean

Sean was incredibly friendly and explained everything really clearly to me on my first visit. As a result, I felt completely at ease and able to ask questions. My inserts have made a noticeable difference and I feel reassured that if I have any questions in the future I could contact Sean. Would recommend, thank you.

Abbie Futter

I chose to contact Sean because of the on line reviews. I was not disappointed. He is professional and the quality of care and attention is very reassuring. I do not hesitate to recommend his services.

Ian Edwards

As a runner suffering with a long history of glute pain I decided on recommendation from a running friend to visit the surgery for a consultation.
I was diagnosed as a chronic pronator and offered some orthotic insoles, glad to say that the glute issue has subsided and now running pain free and looking forward to Manchester marathon in April.
I cant recommend the surgery highly enough, a very pleasant and knowledgeable man.
Thank you.

Adrian Atter

I want to thank Sean for his perseverance and utterly professional manner in which he treated my particularly nasty mosaic verruca. I had tried unsuccessfully for 2 years with cryotherapy and various liquid treatments prescribed by my GP. As a last resort, I went to Sean who suggested I consider Swift microwave emblation. Because of the severity of the verruca, I had to undergo several treatments which, whilst expensive, are clearly effective. I was sceptical at first, but my reservations were completely unfounded as I am now rid of this verruca. I am very happy to recommend Sean and the Swift microwave emblation.

Fiona Walter