An excellent professional service. Both my husband and daughter previously received a first rate service and I then visited to see if there was anything that could be done to help with pain in my left foot.

After a swift diagnosis and the fitting of some prescription foot beds I am completely pain free. I don’t usually do reviews but I can’t recommend highly enough.

4th February 2021
Jo Costall

Dr O’Mahony is very thorough and considerate in his approach. He is very approachable and listens fully to whatever you have to say.

Dr O’Mahony has helped me to understand my condition and has been more than happy to answer follow-up questions I’ve had. I genuinely feel cared for as a patient.

3rd February 2021

Sean is a very friendly, professional and knowledgeable Podiatrist. I have been suffering from aching hips for a couple of years. This resulted in me accessing many services with no benefits. Finally I contacted Sean who prescribed orthotics due to a leg length discrepancy.

My hip is now not hurting and I am able to continue with my long distant hiking. On a Covid note, I felt totally safe as he used all the necessary PPE and safety measures. I now recommend him to anyone who has problems with their limbs.

30th January 2021
Claire Vinters

A recent move forced me to find a new podiatrist and as I was very happy with my previous podiatrist Mr O’Mahony was up against it from the start. As it happened, he was even more capable and professional than my previous provider.

The visited was related to a plantar fasciitis flare-up that had lasted three years and despite efforts by my previous podiatrist was still not fully resolved. Within two brief visits I was re-diagnosed and supplied with new orthotics that were not only cheaper and more comfortable than my previous ones, but finally cured my plantar fasciitis!

I couldn’t recommend Sean highly enough. He also happens to be a very nice bloke too. Many thank, Dan Kendall

29th January 2021
Dan Kendall

My daughter suffered with verrucas for two years and was recommend to Mr O’Mahony. He used the swift microwave treatment and this has been amazing. Her feet have completely healed and i now have a very happy daughter

14th October 2020

WithIn five minutes of walking into Sean’s practice it became very clear that he has vast knowledge and experience in the field of podiatry.

Having spent the last two years suffering pain and discomfort in both feet I visited Sean by recommendation.

After five treatments I have returned to running and hiking completely pain free for which I am so grateful.

The greatest compliment I can pay Sean is that he is one of life’s true gentleman!

1st July 2020
Craig Tyrrel