As a runner suffering with a long history of glute pain I decided on recommendation from a running friend to visit the surgery for a consultation.

I was diagnosed as a chronic pronator and offered some orthotic insoles, glad to say that the glute issue has subsided and now running pain free and looking forward to Manchester marathon in April.

I cant recommend the surgery highly enough, a very pleasant and knowledgeable man.
Thank you.

19th December 2017
Adrian Atter

I want to thank Sean for his perseverance and utterly professional manner in which he treated my particularly nasty mosaic verruca.

I had tried unsuccessfully for 2 years with cryotherapy and various liquid treatments prescribed by my GP. As a last resort, I went to Sean who suggested I consider Swift microwave emblation. Because of the severity of the verruca, I had to undergo several treatments which, whilst expensive, are clearly effective. I was sceptical at first, but my reservations were completely unfounded as I am now rid of this verruca.

I am very happy to recommend Sean and the Swift microwave emblation.

27th January 2018
Fiona Walter

With out doubt Mr O’Mahony personifies excellence in his field .

I have visited several Podiatrists over the years and Mr Mahony’s surgery has proven with out doubt to be the most successful in managing persistently difficult issues and his ability with microwave emblation is astounding , I would suggest that he is pre eminent in his field and worthy of a value for money consultation

6th February 2018
R. Carter

I can’t thank Sean enough. I had been suffering from piriformis syndrome injury from running for the last 6 months which I just could not shake. I tried everything, including replacing my running shoes twice, digital video gate analysis and finally referral to physiotherapy. I happened to see Sean re: a persistent verruca and split nail. Sean spotted immediately that I had very flat feet and recommended I consider orthotic inserts. Well. What can I say, within days of wearing them the piriformis syndrome has gone. I now wear the inserts all the time and just transfer them from shoe to shoe as I find they help even when walking.

14th May 2017

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Phillip Ward

As a keen runner, cyclist and, more recently; triathlete,the health of my feet has always been paramount, since running a marathon last October and developing metatarsalgia in the months that followed unfortunately pain-free running was fast becoming somewhat a distant memory. Sean was recommended to me by the Lincolnshire Runner, after trying a few different forms of therapy and seemingly every insole on the market I was sceptical that I would ever be able to run without discomfort ever again, but was up for one final attempt. Sean instantly struck me as a professional who had a genuine concern for my feet and gave me every ounce of confidence that he could provide a solution for me. After 2 appointments and a pair of specially made orthotics for a price that was very friendly on the bank balance Sean has ended my 10 months of pain and I am looking forward to ending the triathlon season with every confidence that my feet won’t let me down! A huge thank you.

2nd August 2017

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Molly Nicholls

Sean O’Mahony was recommended to me by a friend. I had suffered from a particularly stubborn verruca and, after a year of regular treatments using traditional methods, I had my first appointment with Mr O’Mahony who suggested commencing treatment using microwave emblation. Whilst each treatment is more expensive than traditional treatments, I was amazed to discover that my verucca had completely disappeared after a single treatment. I can’t recommend microwave emblation highly enough to anyone struggling to find an effective treatment for a verucca. It was completely painless and I felt no discomfort following the treatment. O’Mahony is a consummate professional and I would confidently and gladly recommend him to anyone seeking the services of an expert in podiatry.

22nd October 2017

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Jo Miles